New Loyal-Tee™ Program


Crane Field Loyal-Tee™ Program

Sign up for our all new loyalty program and get a “Loyal-Tee” for every dollar spent at Remuda or Crane Field Clubhouse. Then redeem for golf swag!

If you already have a ForeUp login set up, for booking online tee times, you are set to go. If not, simply register below to be included in the program.  After earning a few “Loyal-Tees,” you can redeem them for select prizes from our Loyal-Tee table. (Fun golf swag like logo merchandise, golf balls, gloves, tees, towels, shirts, and even rangefinders!)

How to I earn Loyal-Tees™?

You get 1 Loyal-Tee for every dollar you spend in our shops

  1. Sign-up online or with the clubhouse
  2. Give cashier your phone# or program ID# every visit to earn
  3. Trade in Loyal-Tees for exclusive golf swag*

How do I use Loyal-Tees™?

  • You can spend them like money on select items in the shop.
  • The computer keeps track of your Loyal-Tees™ you earn at each visit.
  • Exclusive golf swag and logo merchandise to keep or give as gifts
  • Loyal-Tees™ can be tracked from your account+

How to do sign up for the Loyal-Tee™ Program?

  • Simply follow the link below
  • (or) Update your Registration information

*Restriction apply. Full description of program, and participation terms available at the clubhouse.



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