Crane Field and Remuda Golf Asssociation Bylaws   

Members of the Crane Field Remuda Golf Association must agree to these bylaws in order to participate.

  • President shall schedule all events and tournaments throughout the season.
  • President shall manage player in-house handicaps and choose the handicap software.
  • President shall have authority to choose a handicap review committee.
  • President shall have authority to calculate scores and assign point distributions.
  • President shall have authority to unilaterally disqualify scorecards that do not abide these bylaws. (See Disqualification)
  • President shall enforce bylaws and tournament rates.
  • President shall have authority to disqualify tournament scores and to expel members.
  • President shall not have authority to produce monetary refunds of fees without the approval of general management.

  • The following will result in automatic tournament disqualification:
  • Rounds were not played in accordance to USGA rules of golf or in-house rules. 
  • Scorecards have been falsified, are incomplete, un-named, inaccurate, unattested, or unreadable.
  • Members unacceptable behavior towards other guests including physical abuse and drunkenness.
  • Breaking these bylaws or other golf course policies and etiquette. 
  • Turning cards in beyond 2 1/2 hours from start time indicated on scorecards, or from tee off reservation if no other time is indicated on the scorecard. (Time is doubled to 5 hours for 18 hole tournaments.)
  • Turning in more than one scorecard for the same event.
  • Playing the wrong format or playing on the incorrect day of the week. 
  • Interfering with other member rounds or with the duties of the President.
  • Reviewing or publishing scorecard results of other players before final results have been calculated.

  • Cards must have legible first and last names and every hole score recorded.
  • Do not turn in more than one scorecard for the same event. 
  • Rounds must be played and scorecard attested (signed) by at least one other association member.
  • Cards must be dropped into lock box no later than 2 and 1/2 hours after a 9 hole start time or 5 hours after 18 hole start.
  • No changes may be made to scorecards once they have been signed and dropped in lock box.  
  • Scorecards that are incomplete, un-named, inaccurate, unattested, or unreadable may be disqualified. 
  • Cards must be completed with numbers (and not + / - signs), unless otherwise specified by game description. 
  • Members may not review other members cards before results are announced.
  • Rounds must be played on appropriate days of the week scheduled by president.

  • Handicaps shall be administered by the association president, and he/she reserves the right of modification.
  • Computer software is used to calculate scores. (Calculator algorithms available upon request.)
  • Computer assigned handicap indexes are used to determine flights and net scores.
  • Handicaps are calculated using your most recent 8-10 rounds, with the highest and lowest rounds ignored.
  • Handicaps can drop only 2 points a week and can only go up 1 point maximum, per week.
  • Handicaps should represent your best score abilities, (you won’t play to your handicap every round, in other words.)  
  • Appeals of your handicap index must be in writing and will be reviewed by president. 
  • If a member appeals the presidents handicap review, an arbitration will be conducted by a handicap review committee.
  • All players without a previous season handicap or UGA handicap shall start with a 0 index which will be adjusted weekly by the handicap software once scores start to be posted. (It is recommended that new members turn in at least 4 preliminary nine hole scores so their handicap will be more accurate to begin with.)
  • Utah Golf Association (UGA) handicaps are not used or required in the association tournaments, but they can be used to establish a baseline in-house handicap.

  • Weekly men’s association 9 hole events will be played from blue tees unless otherwise specified.
  • Monthly men’s association 18 hole events will be played from the black tees unless otherwise specified.
  • Senior Men playing Mondays or Tuesdays play White tees. The exception being those members 70 years old or above with 5 or greater handicaps - they may choose to play forward Gold, or Red tees. 
  • Women play from forward Gold or Red tees unless others specified.
  • Couples association men play from White tees, Women from the Red forward tees.
  • Individual game formats have authority to modify the tee format temporarily to accommodate the tournament rules. 

  • Flights are determined by a combination of the number of participants and their handicap index. 
  • The Number of flights can change each event. 
  • Association President determines the size of the flight week to week. (Typically 10-20 players in each flight.)
  • The computer software assigns an equal number of players to each flight. If you are close to the line you may move between flights depending on the players who attend.
  • Championship divisions do not have flights and their rankings are calculated by gross scores only. 

  • All game money will be paid out to the winners of each event. (Typically to three net and gross winners per flight.)
  • Winners will be paid in golf shop merchandise credit from the clubhouse. (May be used for anything in the shop except weekly game fee, membership fees, or other association costs.)
  • Yearly Membership fees must be current in order to collect or redeem any weekly winnings.
  • Winnings will be assigned to a gift card with your unique number. Redeem winnings at Remuda and/or Crane Field.  
  • Only 50% of winnings may be carried over to the next season. In other words 50% will be forfeited after Dec. 23rd. If membership is not renewed in the following season, 100% shall be forfeited. 
  • For net/gross events (where both net and gross scores are calculated), the computer pays gross score winners first in each flight, then net score winners. If you collect gross winnings the computer will not award any additional net winnings. The gross payouts will always take precedence over the net payouts in a flight, even if the winnings from net results would have been higher.

  • Points are earned every time you participate in an association event. 
  • Additional points are awarded for top ranking winners at each competitive event. 
  • Golfers with the most total points attained in certain categories will be recognized at the closing social. (Cup Winners)
  • Points can also be redeemed for various raffle prizes or other freebies at the closing social.
  • Certain events require a number of points be obtained first to be eligible to play. (i.e. You have to buy in to the club championship tournament and tin cup invitational with a designated number of points. The goal of this is to reward participation and ensure more accurate handicaps in the high profile tournaments.)
  • Association president shall assign point distributions at the beginning of the season.

  • Maximum Handicap allowed by the computer software for net scores is 36. 
  • Ladies and couples league have a maximum scores per hole of 8. After 8 strokes pick up and move to the next hole. Record “8” on your scorecard. (This is called equitable stroke control).
  • If a error in calculation is detected on your scorecard, the corrected score will be used unless it is lower than the total written on the card. Egregious math errors will result in scorecard disqualification.

  • Game fees will be collected from each player before the event. (Membership fees must be current to collect winnings.) 
  • Mulligan’s – Mulligans cost time and are not allowed unless indicated specifically by the event rules.
  • Putts - All balls must be holed-out, unless you are within a putter’s grip length (maximum distance of 10 inches to the cup) and your playing parter offers you a pick-up (or gimmee) to maintain quick pace of play. All gimmee’s count as a stroke.
  • On the fairway, if your ball rests in casual water (rain puddle) or muddy ground under repair, even if not properly marked, you may take a drop of one (1) club length after first notifying your playing partners. (No Penalty) This should happen rarely and should not result in improving the ball lie from a rough to a fairway, from a fairway to a green, from inside a bunker to outside a bunker, or other similar enhancement of the lie. 
  • Movable Obstruction – You may move the obstruction to clear your line of sight or club swing path. (No Penalty).
  • Fence Obstruction – A ball next to the fence may be dropped up to two (2) club lengths from the fence, to avoid damage to the fence, but no closer to the hole. (No Penalty). If a ball runs under or over a fence it is Out of Bounds. Replay from point of origin. One stroke penalty. (USGA: No distance may be gained from an out of bounds shot.)
  • Cart Path Interference - A ball that comes to rest on the cart path may take relief to the next nearest point, no closer to the hole, where a safe swing may be taken. (No Penalty).
  • Sand Traps- A ball that lands in an area damaged by recent rain erosion may take a drop in a more suitable area in the trap no closer to the hole, and not outside of the trap. Your playing partners should be notified first. (No Penalty).
  • Tree Root Obstruction - If a ball comes to rest on a tree root or other impediment that may cause damage to the club, the player may take a drop to the nearest point of relief, no closer to the hole. Your playing partners should be notified first. (One Stroke Penalty)
  • Out of Bounds (White Stakes, Fences, and Lost balls shall be played as a hazard) result in a One Stroke Penalty. Replay from point of origin. (USGA: No distance may be gained from an out of bounds shot.) The left side of #3 is considered O.B. The driving range is also considered O.B.
  • Lost Balls - The maximum time allowed to look for a lost ball is 2 minutes. Give it a quick look and play on so as not to hold up pace of play. This should be enforced by you and your playing partners. 
  • Water Hazards: Yellow Stakes - You may take a drop keeping the stake between you and the hole. (One Stroke Penalty). Red Stakes - You may take a lateral drop up to two(2) club lengths from where it dropped in, but no closer to the hole. (One Stroke Penalty)
  • Individual games and events may temporarily change the rules to accommodate a specific tournament format. These changes will be printed by the Association President at the front desk for reference. 

  • Never enter neighboring yards to retrieve golf balls, or hit your ball from neighboring yards. Neighboring yards are O.B. Replay from point of origin (One stroke penalty.)   
  • Please report any ball damages immediately to the clubhouse.
  • Proper Golf Attire Required – Please wear proper golf shirts and golf shoes. Soft spikes only.
  • Please keep up the group directly in front of you. Observe all the “Ready Golf" and "Pace of Play” tips.
  • Carts are NOT to be driven within 30 feet of the greens, on collars, on top of mounds, in the sand, in flower beds, or past the ropes in front of greens. Always park carts on the paths if they are nearby, do not pull off to the side of cart paths, it causes undue wear.  
  • Carts shall not be parked on or near golf green collar (fringe, apron.) Keep them parked in the rough or on cart paths.
  • Outside alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited and may not be brought on the course. Help us keep our beer license.
  • All posted yardages are measured to the center of the green.
  • White Stakes and Fences are Out of Bounds, do not cross, and do not move stakes.  
  • Stakes with Yellow Rope - Environmental Hazards that should be avoided.
  • Yellow Stakes mean  – Water Hazard
  • Red Stakes mean – Lateral Water Hazard
  • Blue flag placement means - back 1/3 of the green.
  • White flag placement means - middle 1/3 of the green.
  • Red flag placement means - front 1/3 of the green.


  • I accept the Crane Field and Remuda Golf Association bylaws.
  • I accept the decisions of the Association President for all additional matters not specified in the bylaws. 
  • I will observe to follow USGA rules and proper etiquette of golf  -  including “playing the ball where it lies.”
  • I understand disqualification will result if Association Bylaws are not followed.
  • I agree to play honestly, ethically and to the highest standard of course etiquette.  
  • I agree to self referee my own play and those I partner with, including the enforcement of Penalty Strokes.

Signed                        Dated

Printed Name ____________________________________________

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